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almost 10 years ago

A note from Eli Lilly

A note from Tom Krohn, Director of Clinical Open Innovation at Eli Lilly and Company. Tom will also serve on the judging panel for the Patient Engagement App Challenge.

I’d like to thank each of you who are participating in this Patient Engagement App Challenge. You have the opportunity to make a significant impact on accelerating new medicines for patients. One thing is certain: we will all be patients one day. Let’s work together to advance research for all us.

Clinical trials represent the core of new medicine development for safe and efficacious treatments. Yet, there is a real challenge in clinical trial retention. According to a recent CenterWatch analysis, only about 70% of participants completed phase 3 clinical trials. Because of this, clinical trial costs continue to rise and timelines are delayed. While there are many reasons why a participant may drop out of a trial, it is also clear that through improved engagement during the study, retention rates can be improved. This is where you come in.

What creative ways can you imagine that will keep patients engaged in clinical trials? Check out the "Ideas and APIs" tab for some starting points. Connect with people you know who have been involved in clinical trials. Reach out to your regional clinics and hospitals to get their ideas and insights. Explore the challenges and create opportunities from a patient point-of-view. Then bring all of it together for an engaging application.

You are part of an incredible innovation community. Bring your passion and insights to the challenge. We are excited to see what you create.

On behalf of patients,
Tom Krohn
Director – Clinical Open Innovation
Eli Lilly and Company

If you have any questions about the challenge, please attend tommorow's live Q&A chat on Facebook, (Dec 5th from 2-2:30pm EDT), or post them on the Discussion board. Thanks!